Perth's Tastiest Platters

Our experienced team of event catering professionals offers a range of platters to suit all tastes and budgets. Quality catering enhances the ambience of your event and your guests’ enjoyment, so we only offer exceptional food and service to impress. We can create platters for any occasion, from corporate teas to bar snacks.

Our ingredients

Our team of experienced chefs sources the best ingredients to construct high quality dishes. We believe that fresh seasonal produce greatly impact the outcome of a dish, so we don’t compromise on quality.

You can be sure that your platter is made to an impeccable standard, ensuring an outstanding taste experience, high nutritional value and flawless presentation.  

Delicious dishes prepared by event caterers in Morely

Product range 

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of platters to suit any occasion. Choose from gourmet sandwich platters, wrap/baguette/roll platters, breakfast platters, morning/afternoon tea and brunch platters, luncheon/dinner/sundowner style platters and salad platters. Our selection of platters incorporates a range of international and local cuisines and cooking styles to please every guest’s palate. 

Specialty range 

Our specialty range consists of individual, specific orders for your guests. Choose from a selection of rolls, burgers, hot dishes, gourmet club sandwich platters, ribbon sandwich platters and specialised tea, salad and dinner style platters. Our specialty range boasts high quality, gourmet ingredients combined to create unique conceptual dishes with an emphasis on taste and presentation.

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For a full list of all of our product range and platter options call us on 9375 2999!